A Caring Early Childhood Education

There is powerful research-evidence for the difference early childhood education can make in preparing children for success in school and in life.  What our children experience from birth to 7 years of age is critically important for their success throughout life.

At New York Academy, our early childhood program provides toddlers and nursery students with the developmental experiences that make such a difference.  And, we do so in partnership with our parents and caregivers.

Early Childhood Education Builds Foundations for a Child’s Success in Life

Research confirms that an early childhood education plays a key role in a child’s brain development. Powerful learning occurs in the womb, infancy, and across the toddler and nursery years. What a child experiences and what we do in these first years makes a world of difference.

New York Academy, a progressive American International School in Hyderabad, provides Mother/Toddler, Nursery, and Pre-school programs that focus on successful child development across these early years. As an increasing number of parents enter the workforce, more and more children attend childcare facilities, which aim to make a positive impact on the child’s development and school readiness. At New York Academy, our high-quality child care and early education program provides valuable social, emotional, and academic experiences, which facilitate the growth of each child.

Caring Early Childhood Education in Hyderabad

Social and Emotional Growth

Across these early years, a child learns to control their social and emotional experiences, their actions and thoughts. The child learns to share and cooperate, to be thoughtful of others. The child develops self-control to regulate emotions and actions. New York Academy offers a quality program in early childhood education, which knows the importance of social and emotional growth.

A Caring Early Childhood Education

New York Academy Offers High-quality Care in Early Childhood Education

New York Academy, a progressive American International School in Hyderabad, offers a high-quality early childhood program, which provides for social and emotional growth, as well as lay the foundations for academic success in school.

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