Hit Refresh

Brian KissmanI recently had the pleasure of reading Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO. I recommend that you read it. Stand proud, India, one of your own has transformed the global tech giant.

Nadella recognizes the coming Creative Age, which in great part will be marked by the onset of artificial intelligence and robotics; where perhaps as much of 50% of the jobs done by humans today will be replaced by technology.

Nadella calls for new energy, new ideas, relevance, and renewal as the cornerstones of the transformation of our global society and economy. It is up to us, parents and teachers, to prepare our children to lead and make contributions in transformative ways.

The Creative Age will be a society and economy marked by ideas, innovation, and service to others, but this will happen successfully only when each of us bring a social and emotional intelligence marked by passion, empathy, and compassion. We will achieve more, but it must be marked by kindness. In the future economy, people are more important the product.

It is with a “hit refresh” that I challenge myself, and the entire New York School Community, to prepare our children for the Creative Age.



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