A Progressive American International School in Hyderabad Uses Innovative Approaches of Learning

In our rapidly changing world, students must learn to innovate and create change. Students must learn to reason critically, think creatively, and solve problems even before they are present. Think Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk. These are some of the most innovative thinkers and inventors in the history of the modern world. They are visionaries.

New York Academy in Hyderabad is explicit and intentional at developing our students’ capacity to learn to learn; our students engage in the authentic act of reading, writing, mathematical problem solving, scientific research and experiments and addressing the social challenges of our time. It’s all about experiential learning. That said, we set high expectations for academic achievement. New York Academy students excel in making meaning as readers, become highly proficient writers in narrative (personal narratives and short stories) and non-narrative (reports and essays) writing, know their math facts and skills with automaticity, and grow their core knowledge in science, social studies, and the arts.

New York Academy in Hyderabad offers a highly innovative progressive education. Our students gain the life skills necessary to communicate and collaborate in teams. Our progressive education prepares students for success in their future careers and professions.

Our students learn the art of conversation for success in educational, social, and professional settings. Our students become active listeners who inquire and probe. Think about it. How important is that for success in life?

Our students learn to become dynamic presenters; they become highly skilled presenting with fluency, expression, and pace. How important is that in life? The Progressive education experience at New York Academy in Hyderabad engages students in learning in a way that recognizes that “how we learn is just as important as what we learn.”

Progressive Education – To Develop a Student’s Sense of Agency

A progressive education inspires the children to think about learning, to think about their thinking. At New York Academy in Hyderabad, students gain confidence as lifelong learners and gain a sense of agency (sense of control). Our students become self-starters; they learn to initiate, execute, and control their activity as self-directed and self-regulated learners. Our students develop a sense that it is “I who is executing my thoughts and actions as a lifelong learner.”

Progressive Education – To Solve Problems in the Real World

At New York Academy in Hyderabad, students gain the opportunity to engage in learning experiences that are “real world.” Our students are guided to engage in project-based learning, which is instruction and learning that has students gain knowledge and skills, but also grows their capacity to reason critically, think creatively, and produce innovative solutions to complex problems. Students work collaboratively for an extended period to investigate and respond to an authentic real world problems.

Project-based learning is hands-on learning. Current research-evidence shows that this progressive education approach to learning is a exceptionally effective way for a child to prepare for success in their future careers and professions.

Progressive Education – The New Way of Learning

A progressive education instills in children a love of learning, which encourages them to think and question the world around them. At New York Academy in Hyderabad, children become thinkers and explorers, imaginative writers, and curious scientists. They become lifelong learners and leaders who one day will change the world for the better.

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