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Brian kissmanNext Frontiers Inclusion Workshop

January 18, 19, and 20 2018

New York Academy is committed to supporting the professional growth of its educators. And, we are committed to meeting the needs of all learners.

We are proud to provide our faculty and staff with three days of workshops and training. Our focus will be on developing best inclusive practices, structures and skills in alignment with the growing mindset of supporting inclusion at NYA. We are committed to serve all students as an inclusive institution.

Our work across these three days is based upon the best practices outlined by Next Frontier Inclusion, which is the premier organization serving international schools to meet the diverse needs of all learners. NYA is now a member school of Next Frontier Inclusion. With the membership, NYA gains all NFI electronic publications without charge and with permission for use; this will be a great support to New York Academy in many areas of inclusion. Philosophical bases for the work will draw from Cognitive Coaching, Adaptive Schools and research of the DuFours’ in regard to developing and maintaining Professional Learning Communities.

Below is our agenda for the three days:

Date Purpose/Intended Outcomes  Proposed Professional Development
Thursday, January 18 and Friday, January 19 1. Organization of Leadership for Student Support Services

2. Supporting teachers with best practice through observation and coaching in regard to students who learn differently.

1. Meaningful Conversations with Student Support Services Leadership Team

2. Observations and coaching conversations for planning, reflection, problem resolving with individuals, or small teams in regard to students with learning needs.

Saturday, January 20 -> To offer inspiration and skills toward personalizing learning
for all students
-> School Wide Interactive PD Session to support Inclusion Focus ­ Differentiation and Personalization of Learning and ILPs

Workshop Facilitator and Consultant

Kristen Pelletier Bio 2017
Kristen has been working at the International School of Brussels for 19 years, first as a teacher and for the past 11 years as the Director of Student Support Services. She is a founding Co­Director and Design Team Member of the Next Frontier Inclusion (NFI) collaborative, and is a trainer for the Teacher Training Center, and Education Across Frontiers. Her undergraduate degree is in Special Education with a specialization in intellectual disabilities, and graduate degree in K­-12 Educational Administration. As of August 2017, Kristen has transitioned into full­-time educational consultancy work with the goal of supporting international schools along their journey toward exemplary inclusive cultures and practices.

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