The Importance of Parent Teacher Conferences and the School to Home Partnership

The purpose of the parent/teacher conference is to clearly communicate the student’s progress in school, and in the case of a student who is having difficulty, to enlist the parents’ cooperation in the effort to address areas for growth.

It is important to approach each parent-teacher conference as an opportunity to refine your child’s individual learning plan and to make sure the roles of teacher, student and parents are clear, specific and designed to bring out the best in your child. This becomes more effective when parents talk to their child about his or her school experiences on a daily basis.

Home-school partnerships (and parent teacher conferences) help teachers develop strong relationships with their students and motivate parents to cooperate with teachers to improve academic performance. Parents also can learn basic teaching concepts, learn with their children and get to know others in the community while contributing to schools by volunteering.

Academic Achievement

Parent involvement in schools leads to higher achievement for students because their parents have taken an interest in their education and serve as role models.

Teacher Interactions

Getting to know their students’ parents helps teachers understand the environment and economic, political or cultural influences that shape students’ points of view and behavior. This leads to improved communication between students and teachers, enhancing trust, mutual respect and the education process.

Parental Participation

Parents who get to know their students’ teachers, about the curricula and the teachers’ educational methods are more likely than those who don’t to support their child’s education. And, by holding enjoyable family activities, schools encourage parental attendance and interest in participating in other useful activities, such as fundraising and volunteering in the classroom. These activities also strengthen bonds between parents and children.

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