Word Study Fun with the Little Ones

Brian kissmanWord Study is the progressive approach to spelling. It is not just about memorizing how words are spelled, but hearing the sounds in words and learning the patterns and rules for spelling.

For example, this week Mr. Brian went into the PK 4, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 classes to model for students and teachers the ‘Consonant – Vowel – Consonant’ pattern (most always a short vowel sound) and the ‘Consonant – Vowel – Consonant – Silent e’ pattern (most always a long vowel sound).

The students and teachers watched as he modeled the authentic act of thinking and doing while segmenting and blending the sounds. Mr. Brian make his thinking visible while comparing and contrasting the two patterns.

This approach is engaged learning. Soon the students will be thinking and applying word study strategies as a habit of mind; as a result, they will grow their abilities with reading fluency.

Imagine these little ones being able to explain and apply these patterns learning to read!

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