21st Century Technology and Education

New York Academy is committed to providing our students with 21st Century knowledge, understanding, and skill sets required to be successful in our rapidly changing technological world.

What does this mean?

What does learning look like that effectively integrates 21st Century technology?

Most in the education community recognize, based on current research and best practice, that technology is an effective lifelong learning tool (not a means to itself); this becomes especially true when used with research-evidence best practice to engage students in learning.

While a wide-range of learning apps are used to develop knowledge, understanding, and skills in all subject areas, best practice 21st Century Technology is most effectively employed as a tool for:

> Research
> Communication
> Networking& Social Media
> Production & Innovation

New York Academy is growing its implementation and integration of 21st Century technology. As we grow our primary school, and add our middle school and high school levels in the years ahead, we envision the following (some of which we have currently implemented):

  1. Every student, Kindergarten to Grade 12, has access to an iPad (mobile device), while students in Grade 3 to 12 also have access to MacBooks. We call this a “one to one” approach.
  2. All classrooms make use of Apple TV, which empowers teachers to efficiently and effectively provide instruction and facilitate engaged learning. https://www.apple.com/in/education/products/
  3. All classrooms make use of Apple Classroom, which enhances collaborative learning and the management of 21st Century learning. https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT206151
  4. Every student makes use of Google Docs and Google Drive for collaborative learning with their peers and teachers, which enhances collaborative learning and the management of 21st Century learning.
  5. Every student, Grade 3 to Grade 12, gains access to their units of study (which have been developed by the teachers), including learning objectives, assignments, and resources through iTunes University. This is apple’s platform to share learning between the teacher, students, and parents. https://www.apple.com/education/itunes-u/

This reflects some of our current strategies and thinking today, but who knows what tomorrow brings!  One of the most important traits of an individual or organization in the 21st Century is adaptability. Our aim is to stay one step ahead.

New York Academy is not only committed to 21st Century technology, but to push the boundaries and take risks as innovators and thought leaders.

Mr. Brian

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