An International Preschool in Jubilee Hills – Learning in Innovative Ways

Early childhood is a time ripe for building foundations for lifelong learning. An international school focuses on learning to learn by providing a conducive environment for children’s growth and development. A toddlers preschool experience impacts how they learn for the rest of their life. All preschools are not the same; so, it’s important to choose a school that understands current research best practice, which affirms how the first years of school can make a tremendous difference for the success of child throughout their educational years. When choosing a school, parents need to ask critically important questions: How does the school meet the social, emotional, and academic development of the child? How do children learn through play and exploration? What are the qualifications and background of your faculty and staff? How does the school communicate with the home? How are parents made partners with the school for the child’s educational success?

International Pre-school in Jubilee Hills, New York Academy

Learning through Hands-on Activities

An international preschool engages kids in hands-on activities that help them explore, discover, and create. Children learn through storytelling, songs, games, and creating arts and crafts. Teachers are intentional at growing students awareness of the sounds of language and the written word. Students are guided to develop self-control of their emotions and choices. The emotional and social development of a child is just as important as the academic growth. An outstanding international preschool builds the foundation for lifelong learning and nurtures the child for an easy and smooth entry into the next level of education.

New York Academy – An International Preschool

New York Academy is an international preschool located in lush green surroundings of Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. It is a great place for the children to grow their social, emotional, and academic foundations; the imagination and creative expression of each child is developed throughout the school year. New York Academy provides a safe and secure learning experience for it’s students and parents. The New York Academy faculty and staff are qualified and trained to meet the individual needs of each child.

Please visit New York Academy. Our Head of School, Mr. Brian Kissman, would like to give you a personalized tour.

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