DESIGN THINKING at New York Academy

Design Thinking puts the student at the center. The Design Thinking Process, or Maker Learning, aims to have students invent by creating innovative solutions to problems. Students are guided to explore dozens of potential lines of teacher-provided inquiry, and eventually to identify those lines of inquiry on their own.

Design Thinking Process

Students drive the Design Thinking Process, which is a large part of critical thinking. Through project-based learning, students at New York Academy students are encouraged to take the reins and innovate to solve problems they have identified. Design Thinking is an innovative methodology that gives students the chance to explore, learn and cultivate their curiosity.

The Designed Thinking Process is marked by empathy, compassion, innovation, and change. Design Thinking has evolved over time. Over the past several years, the Design Thinking Process has taken hold and continues to evolve as a premier way for students to learn through inquiry.

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