School to Home Partnership

Brian kissmanA child’s education begins in the mother’s womb. More and more mothers and fathers are reading to the child in the womb leading up to birth, and they continue to do so across the child’s school years. Research-evidence shows that cognitive development happens from the womb to the lap, through the early years, and across life. Knowing and understanding this makes clear the importance of learning at home and the school-to-home partnership.

As such, our schools are committed to informing and educating our parents on how they can support their child’s education at school and at home right from the start. Schools that excel in establishing a school-to-home partnership become exceptional. Successful school-to-home partnerships are demonstrated by strong collaborative relationships and activities involving administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and family members of students – for both academics and the service of community. The result is the dynamic growth of a school community. Effective school-to-home partnerships are based on mutual trust and respect, and a shared responsibility for the education of children and young people at both the school and home.

As our schools provide an education to children 1-year-old and up, it becomes clear that not only is it our responsibility to educate the child, but also the parents about how children best learn both at school and home.

At home, it is important that parents provide and guide children with opportunities to learn through reading, play, exploration and discovery. Parents support for these experiences make a difference. It is critically important that parents become intentional with exposing children to a variety of authentic experiences and a broad range of language. Children do not learn by being told, but by seeing what is modeled and doing.

At New York Academy, students learn through observation, inquiry, and maker learning. Our students successfully learn to learn with high expectations for academic achievement. But, we know that a child’s social and emotional growth is just as important as academic achievement. All this is enhanced because of our commitment to the school-to-home partnership.

Our school-to-home partnership continuously grows and is strengthen because of our exceptional school-to-home communication and our engagement with the parent community. Regular newsletters, meetings, collaborative efforts, community service, and social gatherings make it happen. We provide parent workshops to support our parents’ efforts at home. Taking an interest and understanding what your child is learning at school is one of the most important ways to support your child’s educational success at home.

Parents play an essential and positive role in the life of their child’s school. Their support of their child’s education, the faculty and staff, and the school is essential for a school to thrive and achieve its full potential. We encourage parents to work productively with teachers and administrators by staying informed about their child’s progress and important events in the life of the school. Thoughtful questions and suggestions are welcomed. We make every effort to keep parents informed of pertinent information.

When parents enroll their child at our schools, they agree to subscribe to its mission, follow its rules, and abide by its decisions. Again, trust and mutual respect are the most essential underpinnings of effective relationships between a school and parents. As such, we understand our schools must do their part by striving to earn trust and mutual respect.

New York Academy is committed to a strong school to the home partnership.

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