New York Academy’s Virtues of Good Character Program: Respect – Honesty – Self-Discipline

New York Academy is explicit and intentional at supporting the growth of our students’ virtues of good character; and, we have placed three virtues at the top:

We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy. We treat others with dignity and honor the rules of our family, school, and nation. Respect yourself, and others will respect you.

Honesty is being truthful and sincere. It is important because it builds trust. When people are honest, they can be relied on to not lie, cheat or steal. Being honest means that you accept yourself as you are. When you are open and trustworthy, others can believe in you.

Self-discipline means self-control. It is being who you really are and doing what you really want to do, rather than being tossed around by your feelings like a leaf in the wind. You act, instead of reacting. You get things done in an orderly and efficient way. You are self-directed. With self-discipline, you take charge of yourself.

Across the school year, NYA exercises and demonstrates virtues of good character.

Additional virtues of character to be added across the school year are as follows:

Assertiveness Gentleness Peace
Caring Grace Peacefulness
Cleanliness Helpfulness Prayerfulness
Compassion Honesty Purposefulness
Confidence Honor Reliability
Consideration Humility Respect
Courage Idealism Responsibility
Courtesy Joyfulness Reverence
Creativity Justice Self-Discipline
Detachment Kindness Service
Determination Love Steadfastness
Enthusiasm Loyalty Tack
Excellence Mercy Thankfulness
Faithfulness Moderation Tolerance
Flexibility Modesty Trust
Forgiveness Obedience Trustworthiness
Friendliness Orderliness Truthfulness
Generosity Patience Unity

Definitions by the Virtues Project, Linda Popov
Please see the following link – – and to “The Virtues” tab, then “Definitions”.

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