New York Academy places a huge importance on values for lifelong learning. We guide our students to understand that such values strengthen their ability to grow their knowledge, understanding, and skill sets – all to make a difference, to make the world a better place.

Independent Learners A NYA graduate will be self-directed and able to exhibit self-discipline and self-confidence and constantly work towards self-improvement. He/she is independently motivated and able to learn both in and out of the classroom. A NYA graduate will exhibit the characteristics of a life-long learner. He/she will be able to complete research, evaluate the information and draw meaningful, relevant conclusions.

Effective Communicators A NYA graduate will be able to demonstrate his/her strong ability to speak, read, and write the English language. Mastery of these communication skills will be attained while gaining knowledge and an understanding of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and the evolution of World Culture. Each graduate will be able to express and convey his/her message and/or thoughts in such a way that can be understood by other people. A NYA graduate will not be afraid to voice his/her opinion in a manner that is favorable to effective communication while ensuring his/her opinions and statements are communicated with respect and tolerance toward other people’s beliefs and values.

Critical Thinkers A NYA graduate will be able to exhibit critical and analytical thinking skills while showing self-reliance by demonstrating the ability to find answers and solutions. He/she is able to take information, process it and draw relevant, personal conclusions.

Dynamic Achievers A NYA graduate will be able to continually strive to demonstrate improvement in work and performance, physical activities, and in dealings with teachers, parents and guests in the school and the wider community.

Ethical Individuals A NYA graduate will be able to demonstrate moral behavior at all times. He/she will make the right decisions about behavior – as it affects self and others. He/she will continually make decisions based on ethical principles developed from many traditions and values.

Global Citizens A NYA graduate will be able to contribute to the well being of is/her family, school community, country and the world at large by demonstrating the values and qualities of a good citizen. He/she will consider how individual actions and choices will affect others. A responsible graduate of this caliber will be aware of the myriad of issues both locally and internationally, and the dynamic technological, social and economic changes that exist in today’s global environment. In short, a NYA graduate will be a positive, productive and contributing member of society.

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