The Importance of Breaks and Vacations in Learning

In a series of recent studies, short physical activity breaks in the classroom showed improvement in students’ behavior, increasing the effort they put into their activities as well as their ability to stay on task. Both students and teachers benefit from using unstructured breaks to reduce stress.

Why Student Breaks Are Essential to Learning

  1. Improve Attentiveness. The longer the lesson goes, the harder it is for a student to remain on task.
  2. Boost Learning Productivity. Students who need a break tend to stop listening and get off-task.
  3. Reduce Student Stress.
  4. Foster Social Skills.
  5. Help Memory.

Research-Tested Benefits of Breaks

Some students are easily distracted, but regular, short breaks can help them focus, increase their productivity, and reduce their stress. Regular breaks throughout the school day – from short brain breaks in the classroom to the longer break of recess – are not simply downtime for students.

The Importance of Vacations

Actually vacations are very important for each and every student. They need it for their relaxation from their studies. If children will study with no break they can suffer from serious health problems; research has confirmed the need for vacations for students. Studies and relaxation both are very important for our health. Relaxing during a two-week vacation or summer vacation is important because it allows students to recharge. The summer break also helps relieve some of the pressure experienced during the academic year.

Happy Spring Break everyone. Please relax and enjoy the next two weeks with friends and family.

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