The Importance of Performing Arts in School

Brian kissman

The importance of drama and performing arts in education cannot be understated. Engaging in drama and the performing arts develops the creative side of the brain and builds students’ creativity, problem solving, and their ability to work collaboratively as part of a group.

I have made many presentations at professional conferences over the years speaking to audiences in the thousands. After a presentation, I am often approached and told that I have a natural gift for presenting. My response is, “Thank you, but nonsense. I have grown to become a dynamic and confident presenter because my parents entered me into summer stock theatre at the age of 6. Time-on-task practice and good coaching is the key to anyone becoming a performer.” Over the years I have performed in over 30 plays. Across my career as an educator I have made well over a hundred presentations at conferences and workshops.

As we approach New York Academy’s annual Winter Holiday Performance on December 14, our students and teachers are fully engaged in rehearsals. There will be acting and dialogue, singing, choreographed dance, and the playing of instruments.

It is wonderful to see the students gain confidence and grow as performers. When students gain school experiences in the performing arts, research indicates that they benefit by higher academic achievement, confidence to express themselves, perseverance, discipline, empathy, and compassion.

Please join us at 5:00 PM on December 14 at the RNR Auditorium in Banjara Hills.

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